2016 Anne of Green Gables Reading Challenge | April Round Up

Anne Apr 2

Hello Readers!

So guilt + busy weekend has kept me from writing this post on time. Guilt? Yeah, cause you see, I haven’t finished Anne of Windy Poplars yet. Agh. I’m sorry, but it has been so hard sinking into this book! At the beginning of the month I said that it’s the one I’ve never actually read all the way through and it’s still true. I’m still working on it though and WILL FINISH IT SOON!

All that notwithstanding, I can still offer some discussion questions for those of you who have completed this month’s read.

  1. What do you think of Anne’s letter’s to Gil? Do you have any favorite lines? Are you or have you ever been a letter writer? Do you require a certain kind of writing instrument to write certain things?
  2. Whose your favorite character in this book? Any kindred spirits that stole your affection?
  3. This is the last book before the start of Anne’s married life. What have been your favorite moments in her childhood, adolescence and young adulthood? What has she learned? How has she changed? How has she remained the same?

Here’s the linky if you’re blogging your way through 🙂

Alrighty! That’s all I’ve got for this one. I’m not going to lie, while it’s interesting to see Anne in a totally different environment, I miss all the old familiar faces and I don’t like Gilbert not being around :(.  Y’all ready for the next chapter in her story? Hello May! Hello House of Dreams! I’ll have the next intro post up tomorrow.

Have a wonderful evening 🙂

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  • Penni @ Penni’s Perceptions

    You don’t have a Linky?

    • I completely forgot to add it before posting! My apologies! It’s up now 🙂

  • JulieDiane

    1. Anne’s letters to Gil are very sweet and newsy and give us a wonderful view into her life and the things that are important to her. I think it is a lovely way to tell a story. I have been fortunate to not have been separated from those I love very much, so letters have never been a huge part of my life. I had a pen pal for a long time, though, and my letters to her and hers to me where more like writing in a diary. I was able to articulate things in those letters that perhaps I wouldn’t have said out loud to someone I actually knew. As far as special writing instruments, I used to love shopping for pens and loved the oddly ones!
    2. Favorite characters are Rebecca Dew and Katherine Brooks. I love Rebecca’s brusque affection and I enjoy watching Katherine’s transformation.
    3. I love that Anne the orphan has found her place in the world and a sense of security. I like that she has kept her sense of wonder and adventure and I think that L.M. Montgomery is skilled at letting her remain adventurous without seeming immature. I like that the suffering she has experienced and seen has made her strong and compassionate. She is still learning that she cannot make a friend of everybody, although she still tries. I look forward to seeing Anne as an adult and a mother. I remember those stories as being some of my favorites.