2016 Anne of Green Gables Reading Challenge | August Round Up


Good afternoon everyone!

We made it! We’ve finished the Anne series. I can’t believe how fast these past eight months have flown by. I’ve so enjoyed revisiting these sweet stories. Now how about some discussion questions?

  1. What do you think of Rilla? Is she like her parents? How is she different?
  2. After returning to Ingleside, Jem tells Rilla that Walter wasn’t scared at the front. Even though Walter was sickened by the thought of war, Jem said that he turned out to be a courageous hero. Why do you think that was? Anticipating a situation and actually being in the moment can be totally different experiences and sometimes bring out surprising reactions. Can you remember a time when this has happened to you? 
  3. There wasn’t much to Rilla’s relationship with Kenneth Ford in terms of time spent together. How do we know that their relationship is going to last?

Aaaannnnd here’s the linky 🙂

This month is catch up month so if you haven’t finished the series by now, you’ve still got plenty of time :).

I’ll be back in a couple of weeks with another post as we continue for the last few months of the challenge!


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  • JulieDiane

    Well, I’m really late responding to this one, but I actually finished Rilla several months ago, so I’ll try to remember enough to answer your questions.
    1. I love Rilla. I love that we see how she matures. Anne was forced to grow up fast and had heaps of ambition, but Rilla has had a privileged childhood and seems to be wanting to draw it out. In that respect she isn’t a lot like either of her parents. However, seeing her mature through the book and learn to rise to the occasion is a treat. We get to see more of her actual growing up rather than her just appearing fully grown in the last book as the other kids do.
    2. Anticipation is sometimes a rather sick feeling. I have worried myself sick over interviews and public speaking and most of the time, neither one is as bad as I have imagined it. Isn’t it crazy how our imagination can conjure up all the things that can go wrong, but doesn’t seem to be able to imagine success. I felt like Walter was a wonderful example of how this feeling can hold us back and keep us from doing the things we know we are meant to be doing.
    3. Well, for one thing, it has already lasted. They were faithful to one another through all the years of the war, which is no small feat. Commitment is the cornerstone of a lasting relationship. So many things in life and marriage change, but if we remain committed to one another, those things don’t matter. My parents married after only a few months of knowing one another and are about to celebrate 46 years of marriage. It’s hard to truly know someone before you are married, so as long as both are committed to the relationship, a marriage can be successful even without spending a lot of time together beforehand.