2016 Anne of Green Gables Reading Challenge | Final Quarter Intro

It’s October!

Anne of Green Gables October

Fall is here and where I’m at in southwest, it’s cooled off slightly and the highs have gone down to the 80s. *sigh* I miss Autumns like the one in the picture above! That’s why reading Avonlea in the fall and winter is going to be super sweet to me–the homeyness will bring a cozy sense of nostalgia.

We’ve reached the last quarter of the year and this is the time to read anything you’d like by L.M. Montgomery.  I’ve chosen to read these 2 titles for October and November:

  • Emily of New Moon 
  • The Road to Yesterday

I really wanted to read The Blythes are Quoted but I had no idea how hard it would be to get a copy. Soooooo Emily of New Moon it is!

This is the link up post for October and November. December will be a catch up month like September and you can post any books you read during those months as well

I’ll do a final post in December to wrap everything up but until then, continue reading and enjoying your Avonlea adventures!

Here’s the linky:

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  • Penni @ Penni’s Perceptions

    Can we use this for September as well? I read a book in a September.

    • I totally forgot about September! I just made the corrections in the post. You may absolutely post for September. Thanks for asking, thus, reminding me!

      • Penni @ Penni’s Perceptions

        Awesome! Thank you!

  • LiviaRachelle

    I didn’t know about this part. I re-read the Anne and most of the Emily series (couldn’t finished re-reading the last; it was torture) earlier this year. But it just so happens that I read the Blythes Are Quoted. I had to get it through interlibrary loan. I’ve read several short story collections and I may have read The Road to Yesterday although I almost never forget reading books . . . anyway. A lot of the stories were familiar; some had been changed, but almost all of them I think that I’d read before. It is literally the Blythes are quoted, because the stories aren’t about them although after them poems there are small Blythe conversations. I was rather disappointed.

  • Hamlette

    Thanks for hosting this, Elyssa! Totally helped keep me on track with my goal of reading all the Anne books this year. I finished off with “The Blythes are Quoted,” which was okay.

    • You’re so welcome! I’m glad you enjoyed reading this year! Thanks for participating 🙂

  • JulieDiane

    I read The Blythes are Quoted. I was able to get it from a seller on Amazon earlier in the year, but put off reading it until I had finished the entire Anne series. I enjoyed it. I have read several of Montgomery’s short story collections, and this reminded me of those. I liked the short stories. I’m not as big on poetry, but I enjoyed the little snippets of conversations between Anne and her family after the poems. It was fun to find something new about Anne and her world, since I have read most of L.M. Montgomery’s work previously.