2016 Anne of Green Gables Reading Challenge | June Round Up


Good evening everyone!

I think I’ve set a record for latest round up post yet. Life has been so crazy the past several weeks and it’s promised to stay this way for the next few weeks so reading and blogging have, unfortunately, been shoved to the back burner. I do apologize. Now you know why I tucked in a catch up month in this event cause I knew I’d need it! I’m suffering from a classic case of too many plates spinning and not enough hands to keep up!

For those of you who have finished the book and have continued to the next one, cheers to staying on track!! I so applaud you for keeping up with this challenge 🙂 But enough of the accolades, how about some discussion questions?

  1. Montgomery has some precious episodes in this book about the Blythe children. Do you have a favorite of the Ingleside munchkins? What was your favorite story?
  2. In this book we really get a taste of Anne and Gilbert’s parenting styles. What do you think of Doctor and Mrs. Blythe as parents? Do you have any thoughts about the way their household is run?
  3. Anne fears that Gilbert no longer loves her because he doesn’t seem to be as attentive. Do you think that Gil should have been more cognizant of his behavior or should Anne have voiced her concerns? Was she just being a worry-wort and over-dramatizing things or did she have a legit reason to be concerned/jealous? 

I meant it when I said I need to catch up. I probably won’t be posting my answers until September. But please have at it! And here’s the linky for those of you who are blogging 🙂

Hope y’all are having a fantastic summer so far and are reading all sorts of interesting books 🙂 Have a great night!

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  • JulieDiane

    I’ve finished this book and the next. I read them together over a weekend, so they kind of run together in my mind. I may get stories from each confused with the other, especially about the children!
    1. I love Anne’s kids. I love how seriously L.M. Montgomery and Anne take their small troubles. I think I like Jem the best. His love for the two dogs in the story and his disappointment over losing them both in different ways touches my heart. He has so much love to give to a dog, but no dog on which to bestow it. I feel so sorry for his little broken heart.
    2. I love the freedom the kids have to play and use their imaginations. Their days are not scheduled to the max with activities. They have plenty of time to play freely. I think many kids today are missing that element in their lives. There is still discipline and structure, but within that, there is freedom. I think that is a wonderful way to parent.
    3. Ok. As someone who has been married 15+ years now, I know how couples can begin to take each other for granted. I think there is some “overdramatizing” here on Anne’s part, but then I have done that myself. Marriages have seasons. Sometimes we feel incredibly close to one another, and other times it seems we struggle to connect. I think the key is to keep trying. Keep working through the moments when it is hard and treasure the moments when it is great. A good marriage is wonderful and honestly, I think in a good marriage, it is easy to take each other for granted. We assume that things will always be as good, without our having to work at it. Sometimes it is easy to forget to do the little things that make our partner feel treasured. Communication is key here too. When Anne finally talks to Gilbert she learns that what she thinks he’s thinking is not what he is thinking at all. A lot of misconceptions get cleared up. That part is very true to life in my experience. My imagination runs rampant and when I finally tell my husband what I am thinking I learn (again) that he isn’t thinking what I think he’s thinking at all.