2016 Anne of Green Gables Reading Challenge | March Round Up


Good evening everyone! It is the last day of March, which means that we are done with book 3! How’d you enjoy it? I love this part of the story and it was great re-reading it! So let’s talk about Anne & Gil 🙂

There are some great conversations between Anne and Gil in this book. As much as I love the TV series, some of the real essence of their friendship is lost in the film adaptation. They were such buddies! Is there a scene in the book that you wish hadn’t been left out of the film adaptation?  

Okay, so disclaimer of sorts: it’d been awhile since I’d read the book and I forgot there aren’t that many conversations between them in the book. However, I will say I love the scene with the apple tree in chapter 2. It’s a sweet, chummy moment between them and showcases Gil’s thoughtfulness and care in trying to cheer her up. I wish that hadn’t been left out.

The proposal. Ah! The proposal! Tell me, which do you like better? The film version or the book version? Mind you, I see Megan Follows and Jonathan Crombie when I read the books so I’m not talking about the acting but rather the the scenes for their own sake.

This one is hard but I thiiiiiiiiink I might have to go with the book version. It breaks my heart every. single. time. I mean come on…

“Things can’t go on like this any longer. Anne, I love you. You know I do. I–I can’t tell you how much. Will you promise me that some day you’ll be my wife?”

And when Anne says she can’t, poor Gilbert asks,

“Don’t you care for me at all?”

Aggghghghghggggg!!!! Oh my goodness, at this point, I just want to give Gil Blythe a hug and tell him not to worry, give her some time and she’ll come to her senses. With every sentence you can just read his heart breaking and poor Anne knows that she’s inflicting pain of the worst kind on her best friend and she can’t help herself. She truly doesn’t know how much she loves the guy! It’s terrible. And yes, it makes me want to cry. A+ to Montgomery for a truly heart-wrenching marriage refusal scene.

Let’s talk about Roy Gardener, the man straight out of Anne’s dreams. Give three reasons why he’s so not the guy for her. And if you’d like, talk a bit about having an ‘dream man’ and whether or not we should hold out for them or eventually let them go.

Reason 1: He’s not Gilbert Blythe.

Reason 2: He’s not Gilbert Blythe

Reason 3: He most definitely is not Gilbert Blythe!

I think that about covers it!! Next question! Hahaha! Just kidding. Sort of. But for real, here’s what I have to say about Roy.

1: He doesn’t bring out Anne’s Anne-ness. I’m not sure how to describe this but you might already understand what I mean just by the statement. Gil brings out Anne’s Anne-ness–her joys, her playfulness, her dreams, her cares, her ambitions. And he cares for those things and delights in and shares them. Gil loves Anne’s Anne-ness. Not saying that Roy doesn’t enjoy Anne’s company but it’s not like Montgomery went out of her way too showcase Roy’s delighting in their relationship either. Anne is her true self with Gil cause they’re friends. I imagine she’s only a part of herself when she’s with Roy.

2: He’s not a chum. Gilbert Blythe is a chum, a best friend, a partner in crime, a buddy, a play mate, a cheerleader, a kindred spirit.  It’s his friendship with Anne and builds the foundation for their romance. Granted, not every friendship turns into romance but good romances have a good healthy dose of friendship. Nothin’ against Roy but he’s not a chum.

3: Anne’s not completely satisfied. If Anne was completely satisfied in her relationship with Roy, she wouldn’t be concerned about Christine Stuart. She’d find a way to push through the awkwardness and share in Gilbert’s happiness in loving another woman. That’s what you do when you’re totally over someone and can remain friends. But Anne doesn’t feel right about anything having to do with Gilbert which means she’s not over losing him. If Roy was all that her dreams cracked him up to be, she’d be satisfied with her decision.

And as far as having a ‘dream man’, We all have one at some point in life. I did for years and then when I reached my twenties, my dream man wasn’t so much a fully developed character in my imagination as much as he was just a collection of ideas. There were certain things I knew I wanted and other things I knew I’d never desire. Then I met the BF-now-Fiance and well, yeah, I’m satisfied! *happy sigh* *giggle*


Christine Stewart. I get that TV has to be written so that the plot moves along smoothly and all, and I can respect that, but really? What do you think about what Sullivan did in the movie as opposed to how Montgomery wrote Gil’s relationship with her?

I get the whole TV plot device thing but I think it’s sooooooo much sweeter knowing that Gil never loved anyone else but Anne. Period.

Now it’s your turn! I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts on this book!If you’re blogging your way through this reading challenge, leave a link to your post for Book Three in the widget below so I can visit! Or just leave me a comment at the end of the post :).

I hope you’ve had a lovely March and are ready for April 🙂


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  • Penni

    I am glad that I am not the only one who sees Megan Follows and Jonathan Crombie as Anne and Gilbert as I read.

  • JulieDiane

    Ok, so to start with I have to say that I am not going to be much good at comparing and contrasting the books with the movies. I have seen the movies, once, several years ago, but I don’t remember a whole lot about them except that I felt absolutely BETRAYED by that third movie. Any positives I got from the first two were absolutely erased by my reaction to the third. I love the books and had read them several times by the time I saw the movies and I was heartbroken by the storyline of the third movie. So, with that being said…
    1. What I like about Anne and Gilbert’s friendship is their ability to talk about anything and their shared sense of humor. All my best friendships have been with people who shared my sense of humor – who, when something amusing happened, I could look over at and see them having the same reaction I did. Also, I don’t think that friends have to agree about everything, but I think that the ability to talk about anything is important. Friendships where one or the other party knows that certain topics are off limits don’t tend to last very long. And I think that this type of friendship is a good starting place for romance as it becomes for Anne and Gilbert.
    2. Ok. So the proposals. I just want to shake Anne when she refuses Gilbert. Gilbert is such a nice man and Anne is still a child in many ways. Sticking to her “ideal” of a man is so very immature and shows that she hasn’t learned as much about real life as she thinks she has. Anne’s pain when she believes Gilbert is dying is sort of the partner to Gilbert’s pain when she rejected him. The realization that certain dreams might not ever come true, I guess. I’m not expressing this idea well. I do however love the second proposal scene where Gilbert tells her that he still hopes that she will be his wife.
    3. Roy Gardener. I don’t feel like we ever really get to know Roy in the books beyond the fact that he fulfills all of Anne’s ideals. We find out more about him through his sister, Dorothy, when she tells Anne that he has grieved over lost loves before and will get over her quickly and will soon be “worshipping” at some other “shrine”. Anne seemed to be bored by him and since she thinks that he is her true love, she gives up some on the ideal of romantic love, when she should hold onto that ideal and give up the one about who her true love will be.
    I’m not going to attempt to answer the Bonus. I’m enjoying the re-read. Whenever I get into a reading slump, I remember there’s always another Anne book to read!