2016 Anne of Green Gables Reading Challenge | May Round Up

May 2

May has slipped by and we’ve come to the end of another chapter in Anne’s life. What did you think of book 5? The new characters are such joy to read about and it’s lovely to have Anne and Gil finally safe and married 🙂

I have a few questions as we wrap up Anne’s House of Dreams. I can’t wait to read your thoughts! 

  1. How is Anne’s friendship with Leslie different from Diana’s? What are your thoughts about friendships and different seasons in life? The primary difference between the two friendships is one is more mature than the other. Diana will forever be Anne’s bosom friend, the first friend to ever love her, and no one could ever replace that. But Leslie comes into Anne’s life at a different season in her life. I think the struggle between Anne and Leslie and its final resolution gives it a depth that Anne and Diana didn’t experience. Friendships change over the seasons and the ones that are fortunate enough to last over time should grow and mature and change. I think that the bond and memories that Anne and Diana share will keep them together are forever friends and the struggle, pain, and victory that bond Anne and Leslie will prove lasting as well.
  2. Leslie’s life is a tragic one. Once you learn her story, you understand why she was so bitter the night Anne and Gil come riding blissfully into Four Winds. How would you have felt if you were developing a friendship with Leslie? I hope I would be as gracious and loving as Anne is to Leslie. I also think I would have felt guilty and helpless. Guilty for having such a wonderful marriage to my best friend and helpless because I wouldn’t be able to change her circumstances. It would have been hard for me not to take her mood swings personally and the whole situation would have been emotionally taxing. But like I said, I hope I would be loving, patient, and thoroughly understanding.
  3. This is the book where Anne’s whole life changes. She’s a married woman now with a different lifestyle, different dreams, and different goals. But she’s still the same lovable Anne she’s always been. What are 3 things you think should never change when you get married? Individuality. Ambition. The ability to enjoy the simple things in life.

Here’s the linky for your post or leave your answers in the comments below!

Ready for summer, y’all? Next up on the list is Anne of the Island! I haven’t read this book in ages so I’m really looking forward to it 🙂

Happy reading!

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  • Hamlette

    You know, that’s a good point about the feeling guilty thing, with regard to being in Anne’s situation with a Leslie. I have been there, actually — I met a guy and fell in love in college, and felt so guilty because I was spending less time with my best friend as a result. I basically forced him to just join in my hanging-out time with her generally, which he was a good sport about, but still… we got married right after we graduated, and she didn’t even have a boyfriend, and I felt a LOT of guilt over that too.

    • Elyssa

      It is difficult to transition into a different phase of relationships with the people you care about. I’m learning how to juggle it now and I think that as long as the other people know that you still care about them and the relationship, it all works out–even if it takes a little while!

  • JulieDiane

    1. Interesting question about friendships in the different seasons of life. I’ve just recently broken down and joined Facebook. I’ve reconnected with people I knew at different points of my life. This question got me thinking about one friendship in particular. I’ve been messaging with a girl I knew in college, and while we have great memories of our time together then, I don’t really know who she is now. And I don’t know that we would be compatible as friends now. We had a lovely friendship then, but we both have changed and matured in different ways. I think sometimes friendships from youth become prized for shared memories. Anne’s childhood will always belong to Diana, but her adulthood needs a different kind of friendship. Her friendship with Leslie is deeper because of the conflict at the beginning and because in future books, we see them raising their families together. They will have a longer period of shared memories.
    2. I certainly don’t think I would have been as patient as Anne. I have a tendency to get my feelings hurt if people don’t respond kindly to me and I shut down. After I had learned her story, I would be more understanding, but at first I’m sure I wouldn’t be so patient.
    3. Being oneself. Hobbies and interests. Relationships with family.