2016 Anne of Green Gables Reading Challenge | January Round Up


Good evening everyone! Oh my goodness, it feels like forever since I’ve posted!! January has been a whirlwind for me and I’m just now beginning to catch my breath. To be completely honest, I haven’t quite finished the book but I’m coming along. When I tell you my life has completely changed in the past month, I mean I’ve just entered a whole different season of life that I’m still adjusting to! But that’s a post for another day 😉

Let’s talk Green Gables!

How was the first book? Have you completed it? Not yet? No worries! Me either, right? Lol. I’m about to switch to audiobook to speed up.

However, I did promise a post on the last day of the month and I want to keep my word! So let’s take a look at those questions I posed at the beginning of the month.

This first installment of Anne Shirley’s story is about her finding a home after years of displacement. While we often consider ‘home’ to be synonymous with ‘house’, it’s also a state of being. What does home mean for you and what makes it special?

My Answer: Home for me is family. Home is where I feel safe with the people I love. Home is where I can let my hair down, relax, rejuvenate, experiment, play, create, escape, pray, sing, read, and not worry what others are going to think about me because the people in my home accept me as I am.

Friendship is such a huge theme in this book. There are many elements that make up a great bosom friendship like Anne and Diana’s but if you had to pick three of those elements, what would they be?

My Answer: Only three? Lol that’s hard and made up this question! Okay, I’d say love, trust, and forgiveness. Those are loaded and come with sub-divisions but that’s the short answer ;).

Of course, we love Gilbert Blythe but the real sweetheart in the first book is Matthew Cuthbert. What makes Matthew such a great father figure in Anne’s life? And (if you’ve read the books before) what effect do you think his love and influence has in the rest of Anne’s life? 

My Answer: Oh Matthew is suuuuuuuuuch a sweetheart and I think what makes him so is the combination of his desire to love and his natural disposition to quiet, simple sweet temperedness. He’s just a real sweet guy, not out to prove anything, just work hard and be a credit to his sister. He and Anne are a perfect father-daughter pair cause she does all the talking and he’s a patient listener. He gives her the necessary room to be herself and I think that that was the perfect bookend to Marilla’s more strict version of love that gave her the structure she never had.

Let me know your thoughts! If you’re blogging your way through this reading challenge, leave a link to your post for Book One in the widget below so I can visit! Or just leave me a comment at the end of the post :).

Are y’all ready for February? Ready or not, here it comes! And that means we’re reading Anne of Avonlea! I love this book, it might be my favorite….might. It’s so hard to choose! My February intro post will be up tomorrow and we’ll talk Book Two! Be patient with me, dear Reader, it might not be up till the evening.

I’d love to know how y’all are getting along! I hope your January has been as wonderful and, dare I say, as challenging as mine as been ;).

Have a wonderful evening!

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