2016 Grown Up Reading Challenge | First Quarter

Grown Up Reading Challenge 1st Quarter
Hello! January 2016 has arrived, which means, among other lovely things, reading challenges have commenced! I’m really excited about this challenge because it’s going to be exactly that — a challenge! And that’s a good thing!  
So, there isn’t a schedule for this challenge. Do read at your own pace, no pressure! But, I will be doing quarterly posts each with a link widget so you can link up reviews if you’re blogging through this challenge. Add your book review links for January, February, & March on this post. 


To keep the links looking uniform, name them in this manner: 



Alrighty, before I leave you to your reading, I have a gift for you. I’m a lister and best able to keep track of things when they are on paper in front of me, soooooooooo for those of you who are like me and like writing things down with old fashioned pen and paper, I’ve got a simple, free printable sheet to keep you on track during this reading challenge.

Grown up Printable
Well, that should do it for now! I wish you all well as you start this challenge and any other challenge you may be participating in this year! Have a fabulous rest of the weekend! 
Happy Reading!
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