17. Space | 31 Days

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The house is quiet. 

Being home sick is not fun. I don’t really feel like writing. But I’m not incapacitated so I still have to show up. 

I will say though, that although I don’t like feeling sick, there are perks to being home alone. I’ve never had a problem with having time alone. Ever since I was a child I could occupy myself for hours without needing anyone else. It’s probably cause I was an only child for almost 7 years. I like my space. 

It’s weird cause I’ve always considered myself an extrovert because I love people and thrive on relationship but I think I’m one of those who’s in the middle. I like being out and about but I also like having plenty of time to myself. And I think it’s important. To be alone with your thoughts, your dreams, your prayers. Giving yourself space to rest and refresh. 

Not every part of my life needs to be filled with something. There can be needs to be space to breath. Space to reflect. Space to pray. Space to create. Space to dream. 

The house is quiet. Not for long though cause I’ll probably play some music in a bit. If I listen closely, I can hear the birds singing their morning songs. It’s beautiful. For a few hours I have the luxury of space for myself and God. It doesn’t often happen. I’d rather not be sick but since I am, I might as well make the most of it.

And now for some tea…


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