21 Questions

Let’s play a game. I’m in a bit of a blogging slump and I need a boost! Below is a list of 21 bookish questions for answering pleasure 🙂 Most of the questions are from a 30 Day Book Challenge from Blogs of a Bookaholic, and I came up with the rest.

I generally read more non-fiction than fiction but for these questions, I’ll draw from the fiction I’ve read over the years. However, there will be some non-fiction titles and authors too 🙂

21 Questions

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  1. The longest book you’ve read.  I think the longest novel I’ve ever read was Gone with the Wind…I think. Yeah, I’m pretty sure.
  2. Your “comfort” book.  One of my favorite YA novels is A Countess Below Stairs by Eva Ibbotson. I revisit that audiobook at least once or twice in a year just for a visit.
  3. Book you’ve read the most number of times.  I honestly have no clue. Through and through, possibly A Countess Below Stairs, or Hope Was Here by Joan Bauer, or The Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Speare 
  4. Favorite classic book. My stock answer for this question is Little Women 🙂 But I have more than a few favorites!  
  5. A book that disappointed you. Paper Towns by John Green
  6. Book that made you cry.  I think Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline was the last book that made me cry. And before that, John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars, of course
  7. A character who you can relate to the most. Probably Jo March from Little Women.
  8. A character do you wish you could be most like? Ever since I read Jane Eyre, I’ve loved her individuality and devotion to standards, goodness, and honesty and I want to emulate those qualities.
  9. A thought-provoking book. I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist by Norman L. Geisler & Frank Turek
  10. Book that made you laugh out loud. Stuff Christians Like by Jon Acuff 
  11. A favorite author. Among many others, Seth Godin, author of Purple Cow, The Icarus Deception, & Tribes
  12. Favorite childhood book. Not that I could pick just one, but The Bronze Bow by Elizabeth George Speare is definitely one of them.
  13. Book with a clever story line. Just Ella by Maragaret Peterson Haddix  
  14. Book you couldn’t put down. Money Making Mom by Crystal Paine 
  15. Book I want to see made into a movie. The Advocate by Randy Singer 
  16. Book that left a surprising impression. The Aviator’s Wife by Melanie Benjamin
  17. One of the best stories you’ve read in the last 12 months. Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline
  18. One of the most heartwarming books you’ve read in the last 12 months. Eight Twenty Eight: When Love Didn’t Give Up by Ian & Larissa Murphy
  19. One of the most inspirational books you’ve read in the last 12 months. Tortured for Christ by Richard Wurmbrand
  20. Favorite book series. Anne of Green Gables.
  21. All-time favorite book. This is usually the hardest question for a book-nerd to answer but it’s super simple for me: the Bible. As a Christian, I cherish the Word as God’s personal love letter to this world and I love it. Charles Spurgeon is quoted to have said,

Visit many good books, but live in the Bible.

I agree. There are many good, even great books but the Bible is the best. My go-to version is the KJV and one of my favorite editions is the Life Application Bible. If you don’t have a Bible, I definitely encourage you to get one :). And if you have one but haven’t cracked it open in awhile, don’t miss out on the wonderfulness (yes, I said wonderfulness) of God’s Word!

Want to play 21 questions? Go ahead and give it try! You can leave your answers below in the comments or do a post on your blog and link up below! Either way, I’d love to read your answers 🙂

Happy reading!

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How to Set Up The Reader’s Notebook

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Book lovers need a planner especially designed to help them keep track of what they read through the year. In this video I show you how I set up my Reader’s Notebook Planner.

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Okay, now you’re ready to set up your Reader’s Notebook.

Here are the supplies I used in the video plus a few extras you may want to use!

Let me know if you have any questions or feel free to share ideas for setting up your pages, I’d love to hear from you!

Happy reading and planning!

How to Use The Reader’s Notebook

I love lists and I love filling out forms (well, except for FAFSA and the paperwork at doctors’ offices, and…okay I only like filling out certain kinds of forms). That’s why I love having a planner just for my books. I like keeping track of the various aspects of my reading life.

The Reader’s Notebook contains 25 unique pages. You can print as many copies of the pages and arrange them however you’d like. Most of the pages are pretty self explanatory but I’m going to go over a few of them and give you an overview of how to use them!

Reading Goals of the Year:

If you’ve never set reading goals for the year, then definitely have some fun with this page! For the past couple of years, I’ve been setting a goal for the number of books I want to read in the next twelve months. In the past couple of months, I’ve been trying to read for at least 15 minutes as part of my nighttime routine. These are the kinds of things you can write on this page. Having a list will keep you from forgetting what goals you make.

TBR List:

A TBR, or TO BE READ list is the running list of books that you want to read before you die. Your reading list for the year will come from your TBR list. If you’re an avid reader like me, your TBR list will likely be pages and pages and pages long! 


I have about a zillion wishlists on Amazon.com and most of them are for books. Why so many? Cause I categorize them according to genre so I’m not sifting through page after page of random book titles trying to find that one book I want to buy. You can do the same with the wishlists in your planner. So just write the genre or subject on the first line (i.e. historical fiction or inspirational) and write down your wishes!

Unfinished Books

Sooner or later we come across a book that, try as hard as we may, we just cannot get through. One rule of reading is never feel guilty about not completing a book. Now, of course, if the book is required for school or work, then you have no choice than to pour another cup of tea and keep plugging away. But if you’re reading for pleasure and you’re finding no pleasure in what you’re reading, then ditch it and pick up something else. Life is too short to read books we don’t enjoy. And when you ditch that boring read, jot it down in this list and give a reason why it didn’t interest you so when your friend recommends it, you know just what to say!

Favorite Authors:

When writing down your list of favorite writers, you can also use the space to write down the books that makes this writer so special to you. It’s also a good place to jot down the titles that you haven’t read yet and want to check out. So for instance, one of my entries may look like: 

Louisa May Alcott

Favorite books: Little Women & An Old Fashioned Girl

TBR: Under the Lilacs

Month on 2-Pages:

The monthly calendar can help you keep track of book club events, book completion, personal reading goal, online reading challenges, etc. 

The other pages included in this planner are:

  • Title Page
  • This Notebook Belongs to:
  • Books I’d Like to Read This Year
  • Recommended Books
  • Completed Books
  • Library Books
  • Favorite Books of the Year
  • Favorite Quotes
  • My Books Lent
  • Borrowed Books
  • Books Gifted
  • Monthly Goals/Reading List
  • Weekly Page
  • Book Review on 2 pages
  • Bookish Notes
  • Diary pages
  • Plain lined pages

If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out these posts: 

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Happy reading and planning!

The Reader’s Notebook | Printable Planner For Book Lovers

*UPDATE!: The Reader’s Notebook PDFs have been uploaded to my new site HERE.

One of the greatest gifts my parents gave me was a love and appreciation for the written word. I love books and I love writing. I also have a thing for paper. My dad worked in the printing industry when I was really young and I have memories of being at his job and smelling ink and paper literally hot of the press. Man, does it smell amazing!

Yes, I’m a nerd. A book nerd, and proud of it. And as a book nerd, paper and ink make my nerd heart smile. And this is what got me into paper planners. I started out with an Erin Condren LP a couple years ago and since then, I haven’t tried to schedule anything on an electronic device if I can help it! Yup, my Instagram and Pinterest feeds are full of beautiful spreads, colorful washi tape, cute stickers and elegant hand lettering.

As the new year approaches and I begin wrapping up a year of reading and start planning for a new 365 days of books, I thought there had to be a better way to keep track of my reading than notes here and there in my regular day planner. I decided I needed a planner JUST FOR BOOKS. 

Both the planner girl and the book nerd in me jumped at that. The book journals that are on the market are nice enough but they don’t have all the things that I need. So I decided to make one myself.

And I figured, if I needed a book planner, some other planner girl/book nerd out there would need one too…
The Reader's Notebook FREE PRINTABLE

This planner printable has 25 pages and you can print as many copies and organize them in any way you want. 

Pages Include: 

  • Title Page
  • This Notebook Belongs to:
  • 9 Different Book Lists
  • Favorite Authors
  • Favorite Quotes
  • My Books Lent
  • Borrowed Books
  • Books Gifted
  • Monthly Goals/Reading List
  • Blank Month on 2 pages
  • Weekly Page
  • Book Review on 2 pages
  • Bookish Notes
  • Diary pages
  • Plain lined pages

There are 3 different printables to choose from, and they are each available in two sizes: US Letter and A5.

  • Classic
  • Script
  • Files


These planner pages are super simple and minimalistic so you can have the fun of customizing and personalizing to suit your needs and creativity.

The Reader's Notebook 3

The Reader's Notebook 4

To see how I set up my Reader’s Notebook, check out this post and video tutorial:


To see how I use these pages, check out this post:


If you’re a planner and a book lover then this is the perfect planner to help you keep track of all things bookish! Download your copy today!

Happy reading and planning 🙂