currently {6.15.16}


Searching for my wedding dress. Long before I ever met the Fiancé, when I always wondered how I was ever going to choose a wedding dress! The clock is ticking and I’m still wondering. There are some beeeeeautiful dresses out there and lots of them come with some pretty hefty price tags. Yeah, not trying to spend a fortune, just trying to find a pretty white dress with lace.

Listening to podcasts on Rainmaker FM. It’s a podcast network with a smorgasbord of shows about digital marketing, content creation, writing, entrepreneurship, and everything in between. One of the greatest resources in this area, I LOVE IT! Highly, highly recommend it to anyone who’s interested in these topics.

Packing up the house. My fam is moving to another abode and I’m surrounded by boxes and random items that I can’t pack away until the very last minute. I’ll be somewhat out of boxes from now until the wedding so I don’t have to go through to much of this when I move out my parents’ house. This is going to be the perfect time to really go through all my stuff systematically and get rid off all the junk I don’t need to keep anymore. 

Brainstorming through some ideas I have for projects I want to work on. My brain is always working on something…

Wishing my brain would shut up and shut down when it’s time to sleep. When I’m exhausted, I usually don’t have trouble falling asleep but lately, I’ve had a hard time getting to sleep cause my mind won’t stop running long enough for me to doze off. This is when I wish I came with an ‘off’ switch.  


  • In Defense of a Liberal Education by Fareed Zakaria
  • Anne of Ingleside by L.M. Montgomery

I’m going to be doing Currently Wednesday weekly. I love writing these kinds of posts and I love reading other posts too. Feel free to link your post in the comments, I’d love to see what you’re currently doing! You can either use my prompts or do your own. Each post will have about 6 prompts, and the last will probably always be reading ;).