2016 Anne of Green Gables Reading Challenge | March

Anne of the Island

Good evening! Real quick post to kick off our reading of book #3, Anne of the Island.

Okay, this is the book where things between Anne and Gil start picking up. I won’t give away too many details incase we’ve got first-time readers but this book definitely gets into the good stuff 😉 By now we’re totally aware of the differences between the books and the TV series, but let’s focus in a little more this month and do some comparisons in regard to the developments in Anne & Gil’s relationship.

  1. There are some great conversations between Anne and Gil in this book. As much as I love the TV series, some of the real essence of their friendship is lost in the film adaptation. They were such buddies! Is there a scene in the book that you wish hadn’t been left out of the film adaptation?  
  2. The proposal. Ah! The proposal! Tell me, which do you like better? The film version or the book version? Mind you, I see Megan Follows and Jonathan Crombie when I read the books so I’m not talking about the acting but rather the the scenes for their own sake.
  3. Let’s talk about Roy Gardener, the man straight out of Anne’s dreams. Give three reasons why he’s so not the guy for her. And if you’d like, talk a bit about having an ‘dream man’ and whether or not we should hold out for them or eventually let them go.


Christine Stewart. I get that TV has to be written so that the plot moves along smoothly and all, and I can respect that, but really? What do you think about what Sullivan did in the movie as opposed to how Montgomery wrote Gil’s relationship with her?

I could come up with so many more great questions but I’ll stick to my three. I hope ya’ll enjoy reading this book! It’s super delightful, very heartwarming, and might even make you cry! I can’t wait to hear what ya’ll have to say!!

Happy Reading!