11. The Dip | 31 Days

This is post 11/31 of Write 31 Days. See full list HERE.

So I have finally reached what Seth Godin calls “the dip”. I haven’t actually read his book by that name but from what I understand, a dip is a temporary setback that gets better if you just keep pushing past the difficulty and moving forward. 

We’ve all experienced the dip in some form or fashion. You feel like you don’t have any more ideas, you don’t have any more strength, you don’t know how to solve the problem, and you just want to quit. 

I’ve reached that point now. Day 10 of 31. Couldn’t even make it halfway before reaching this valley in my creativity. To be honest, I even procrastinated. I watched a couple Youtube videos, scrolled through my email, dozed off… Finally, I knew I didn’t have enough time to make my morning deadline if I didn’t get to it and just start writing. 

But apparently, it gets better. Pushing through a dip is just fighting through the gunk to get to the good stuff: reaching a goal, solving a problem, finishing a complicated task, coming up with the idea. 

I would rather not post when I don’t feel good about my writing. I’m extremely insecure and I’d rather hide then put myself out there. But I have to because I committed to 31 days. I don’t imagine we produce our best work when we’re in a dip but staying committed, remaining consistent is the only way to get to the good stuff. We don’t get anywhere without trying. You have to keep pushing through the dip. Cause it gets better. 

I think I just added another title to my reading list. 


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